Sawyer Cobra Oarlock


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Wide horns have a greater load area, 2″ inside diameter.


1 = 1 Oar
2 = 2 Oars

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The Cobra’s Oarlock wide horns have a greater load area for much less stress on the oar-lock horns and increased durability. The elongated, oval opening allows for an additional 10-15 degrees of vertical range while keeping your oars snug in the locks. Made of a specially formulated bronze alloy for superior strength and proven by professionals throughout the world. Oars with rope wraps or oar sleeves can sometimes fit snugly in oarlocks.

Heavy-duty Bronze Alloy
Wide Horns
Elongated, Oval Opening (2″ opening)
3 3/4 Shaft Length
5/8″ Shaft Diameter

Designed to excel for larger oars.
The right choice for larger rafts and drift boats using large oars.

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