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The Oar-Right is an oar stabilizing device that keeps the blade of the oar in an upright position at all times. This increases power to the stroke by allowing you to concentrate on pulling or pushing the oars and not having to worry about what position your oar blades are in. They are made of a strong, durable, mold injected plastic that will more than likely outlive your oars.

My product was designed with simplicity and durability in mind. Easy to install in just minutes, you have a practical device that does more than just keep the oar blades in the up right position. Unlike pin and clip, the Oar-Right puts an automatic 5 degree cut into the water in the forward and backstroke. This optimizes each stroke so you don’t have to work as hard to run the raft or boat. Also, you can pull your oars in quickly for those tight spots we sometimes seem to get ourselves into and you can get them back into the water ready to stroke just as quickly. Best of all the Oar-Rights only a fraction of the price of pin and clip.

Most oar retailers can install my products at the time you purchase your oars but if you already have oars, have chosen the Oar-Right or Oar Stop afterward then all you have to do is find the diameter, not circumference, of your oars with the wrapping or sleeve in place and match that number with the diameter numbers of the Oar-Right or Oar Stop. Sometimes the oar is slightly smaller than the Right or Stop so simply place some strapping material between the Right or Stop and the oar.

Well technically you don’t but without protection from the friction and pressure of the Oar-Right and Oar Stop, your oars will need to be replaced well before their time.  Also, the wrap or sleeve allows for a better grip on Oar Lock.

My Small Oar Sleeve [Wrap] is a unique design that allows you to place the plastic sleeve over oars that have a larger handle than the shaft.

Any time you have an oar and oar lock system such as drift boats, fishing rowboats, and dories then the Oar-Right is perfect for the job. The Oar-Right is found on lakes and oceans as well as rivers so just because you don’t white water raft doesn’t mean you can’t use Tom Grant Oar-Rights.

1- You will want to set up your boat or raft with frame so that you have plenty of room to move the oars around so you can properly install the Oar Rights.

2- Put the Oar Rights on your oars, about 2/3 of the way up towards the handles, with the Oar Right shaft pointing towards the blade of the oar. If you have an oar sleeve or rope wrap on your oars, place them there. Leave the Oar Rights loose enough to be able to make adjustments but tight enough to stay in place as you move them.

3- Place the oars in the oar locks.

4- Place the handle of the oars to the center of the boat with equal distance from each oar lock. Set your oar handles a comfortable distance apart. I prefer shoulder width but it’s what is comfortable for you.

5- If you don’t have a helper, then find a couple of blocks (Gallon water jugs or buckets will do the trick, also) to keep the oar blades straight up and down (Vertical).

6- Snug up but do not fully tighten the bolts.

7- Double check that you still have equal distance from each oar lock to oar handles, that the blades are still vertical and that you have a comfortable distance between the handles.

8- Adjust accordingly if needed and then tighten fully. It is important that they are as tight as you can get them.

9- If you notice any slipping or twisting, mark off where the bottom half of the Oar Right is on the oar, loosen the bolts enough to slide them out of the way and put a strip or two of Gorilla tape along the mark where the bottom half of the Oar Right sits. Place the Oar Right back in its place. Make sure everything is lined up, correctly and tighten bolts. This will help create a better grip, especially with plastic sleeves.

For the Oar Stop. Use the same procedure as written above except you don’t have to worry about lining up the blade.

The Oar-Right has been on the market and used by serious rafters since 1984 and has proven time and time again that big water is not a problem for this little device. It is a mold-inject fiberglass/nylon plastic composite that has the ability to handle the pressures that occur when negotiating white water.

For the Oar Stop. Use the same procedure as written above except you don’t have to worry about lining up the blade.

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