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The New Convertible Oar Right is a molded glass fill nylon in two pieced clamped to a oar shaft or Oar Right Sleeve using stainless bolts. Convertible Oar Right's can also be used for oar tethering.

It will let every person adjust to what they want from the Oar Right:

* Open Oar Lock to give full feathering ability.

* Oar Right to give the full power of the body against the stroke.

* Oar Right to help give stability to the oars when on an anchor line in currents, offering relief to the hands as the day grows on and the extra power of the gearing to cut the water with each stroke.

Warning: It is necessary to close down the Oar Right when traveling or when in freight to avoid damage.

We recommend the total removal of the Oar Stop (including the necessary to cut off the Oar Stop that may be built into the sleeve.) The new Oar Right will squeeze the sleeve holding it in place. This allows the open lever to lay flat to the oar.

On rope wrapped oars, remove the old stops or Oar Rights. Install New Convertible Oar Rights.

The Convertible Oar Right will fit oars in 1 7/8" to 2" diameter ( most whitewater oars )
Cutting a flat spot on Oar Right Sleeve opposite from bolt recommended to make Oar Right prong lay flat.

Recommended use with:
* Oar Right Large Sleeve
* Oar Right Large Bronze Lock

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